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Unicomp makes buckling-spring keyboards, which many computer enthusiasts consider among the best ever made. The first thing you'll probably notice is their vintage design and that's no accident. A lot of the keyboards are still made by the same people and with the same tools that made them all the way back in 1996, when a group of former employees took over the factory that was closed down.

They have since modernized the designs somewhat to make sure they can still be used with modern computers, but apart from that, they are true classics and many who used those kinds of keyboards in the 80's and 90's will attest to the satisfaction that comes with the sound and feel of using one. While some may not like older design, you will be hard-presses to find a more robust and enjoyable keyboard.


Note: not all available designs are shown here. Also be aware that the Unicomp website looks rather outdated, but they are still very much in business.

Disclaimer: while they are some of the greatest keyboards for typing, we do not recommend them for pro level gaming, due to the way the mechanism handles fast repeat strokes on the same key. However, this won't be a problem for 99% of users.


We re currently researching where exactly all components are sourced from. But we know for sure that the plastics are molded in their factory.

The keyboards are built in Kentucky, USA.


They sell keyboards internationally directly from their online store:

International: Fedex
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Product Features

  • Quality buckling-spring mechanism
  • Last keyboards truly manufactured in the USA
  • Vintage design
  • The manufacturer offers customization
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