Unicomp is just about the last company that still manufacturers keyboards in the USA. Their heritage goes back to 1996; when the original keyboard manufacturer who operated the factory decided to shut it down and no longer produce the models made there, a group of former employees came together and decided to buy the production equipment and licensing. They then formed what is now Unicomp. To this day many of the keyboards are still made by the same people and with the same tools that made them all those years ago.



  • The last true keyboard manufacturer in the USA.
  • Produces buckling-spring keyboards, which many computer enthusiasts consider among the best ever made.

Points of Improvement

  • Their website is currently pretty outdated


  • While some like the fact that Unicomp keyboards have their vintage look, others might prefer a more modern looking keyboard, which they don't offer.
A big thank you goes out to EverythingIsNorminal for referring this brand to us!
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