PresenterTek: robotic stands

$ 2500.00
- 12000.00
Origin: America, USA

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PresenterTek offers a range of robotic, remotely controlled stands for all kinds of events. Their original flagship product, the Telestepper is a pair of teleprompter stands that can be adjusted remotely to the height of different speakers throughout the event without needing stagehands to interrupt the event to manually adjust them. This same technology has now been applied to microphones and cameras with their Telespins allowing for remote rotation as well.

By designing and manufacturing their products in the USA, they ensure the highest quality and an excellent customer service. Especially for their US-based client as the support team not only understands how to troubleshoot the technology, but can also relate to customer needs.

If you need any proof of their excellence, they are an official supplier to organizations like the White House, Apple, the United Nations and Stanford.

The stands do not  include cameras, microphones and teleprompter screens, however, PresenterTek offers a teleprompter kit with screens and accessories (also made in the USA).


Aluminum for the stands is extruded by Kaiser in Arizona, USA.

Circuit boards are made by Ansync in California, USA.

Practically all materials and components are sourced from the USA. Some individual electronic components are sourced overseas when no American supplier can be found.

All manufacturing and assembly takes place in California and Washington, USA.





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Product Features

  • Touchless controls
  • Available for teleprompters, microphones and PTZ cameras
  • Cameras, microphones and teleprompter screens NOT included.
  • Teleprompter screens kit available here.
  • Height adjustment and rotation
  • Sturdy, high quality construction
  • US-based customer service
  • 14 day return policy
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