PresenterTek is a relatively new company. Established in 2016 by engineer Thom Tanner and his business partner Steve McNerney, they started off with their first product: the TeleStepper; a remotely controlled teleprompter stand.

By filling the need for easily adjustable teleprompters at events with multiple speakers and through their high quality, American design and manufacturing they’ve been growing quickly.

They’re now the official suppliers of teleprompters to the White House as well as several other companies and organizations like Apple and the United Nations! They’ve also expanded their product line to offer several types of remotely adjustable stands.


  • Small business
  • Dedication to American manufacturing, even for electronics.
  • Official suppliers to the White House
  • US-based customers service
  • 14-day return policy
A big thank you goes out to Thom Tanner for referring this brand to us!
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