Okabashi: women’s slides & flip flops

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Origin: America, USA

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A range of high quality, water resistant slides and flip flops designed for women and available in a variety of colors and designs. They feature arch support, a heel cup for stability and soothing massage beads. Durable, yet flexible and comfortable, they should serve you well for years to come.

They are made from a plant based material and completely recyclable. In fact, when a pair gets worn out, you can send it back to them and get a discount on your next order. The old pair is then recycled to make new pairs. Currently some 15% -25% of the material in new flip flops consists of recycled old ones.


Available sizes: S, M, ML, L, LL (size guide available)
Available colors: varies from model to model.

Note: not all available designs are shown here


The material of which the flip flops and slides are made is 45% soy by weight. The soy is grown in the USA, the origin of any other ingredients is unknown.

The material is made in the USA, additionally, 15-25% of the material in new shoes originates from recycled ones.

The flip flops and slides are made in the Georgia, USA, where the decorations are also attached.


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Product Features

  • Rubber and latex free.
  • Send them back to the manufacturer to get recycled and get 15% of your next order.
  • Waterproof, slip-resistant and machine washable.
  • Returns and exchanges possible within 30 days of receipt if unworn.
  • 2-year quality guarantee
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