Okabashi was founded in the town of Buford, Georgia, USA in 1985 by Iranian immigrant Bahman Irvani, whose father ran one of the biggest shoe manufacturing in Iran, before he lost everything in the revolution. Starting from scratch, he built a company sold and manufactured flip flops, making a point of ensuring higher quality and more ergonomic design than his competitors. After some thirty years of running the company he has past over the reigns to his daughter Sara, who has brought the company into a new age.

Since their founding they have stayed loyal to their values when in comes to manufacturing in the USA, but also expanding them to include sustainability. They have developed their own material largely based on soy, making their shoes completely recyclable. In fact, when you buy a pair of shoes from them, you can send them back after they’re worn out for a discount and the material will be used to make new shoes. Currently about 15-25% of the material in new shoes consists of recycled ones.

The company is also the mother brand of Oka-b and Third Oak


  • Family owned and operated business
  • All shoes are made out of a recyclable material, you can even send yours back after they're worn out for a discount and the material will be used to make new shoes.
  • Military discount of 10% for active duty military personnel, veterans, retired military, military spouses and dependents.
  • For over 10 years, they have partnered with a local non-profit called Soles4Souls to give over 8,000 pairs of shoes to local communities, survivors of natural disasters and micro-entrepreneurs in the developing world.

Points of Improvement

  • Currently you have to call to place your order if you want the product shipped outside the USA.
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