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Leica: rifle scopes

$ 1300.00
- 2850.00
Origin: Europe, Germany, Portugal

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Leica has been manufacturing binoculars since 1907 and microscopes even longer than that, making them one of the oldest and most reliable brands in the world. This expertise has allowed Leica to develop other optical related products throughout the years, one of them being rifle scopes.

We personally are no experts when it comes to judging the quality of rifle scopes, so we won't go into too many details regarding their features or quality. For a thorough review, you can check this post by Optics Trade.

We do want to mention however that Leica offers an incredibly no-questions, no-fault, 10-year accidental damage coverage plan in addition to a 30-year Manufacturer's Warranty to US customers. This means that, during the first 10-years, Leica will repair or replace any scope in the event it is damaged, at no cost to the customer. After that, you enjoy another 20 years of standard manufacturers warranty. Customers outside the US still enjoy an incredible 10 year warranty.


The origin of any of the raw materials and electronics is currently unknown.

The scopes are made in both Germany and Portugal. Most of the machining to happens in Portugal, with some scopes then finished in Germany with German produced lenses. However many scopes are made almost entirely in Portugal. Most users don't report any quality difference between those scopes made in Germany and those made in Portugal. [1]


Australia, Austria, China (PRC), Francs, Germany, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, South Korea, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, UK, USA:

For these countries, Leica official online stores, most of which offer free shipping for scopes. However, not all these stores sell rifle scopes, so check local availability.

We link directly to the USA and UK store. If you want to visit one of the other shops, go to the UK store, scroll down to the bottom and select your store of choice.

If there isn't an online store for your country, you can try using their physical store locator or try to find a local distributor.

Leica company logo.


Product Features

  • Outstanding quality
  • High zoom capability
  • USA costumers: 10-year accidental damage coverage plan in addition to a 30-year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Customers outside USA: 10-year product warranty
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