Leica is a company that has its roots all the way back in the 1850’s. Originally founded as the Optical Institute in Germany, they manufactured microscopes. However, after several decades they started to use their expertise in the field of lenses to branch out into different product like binoculars. This culminated during the first half of the 20th century in the design and manufacture of their first camera. This would end up becoming the product they would become known for around the world.

Since then they have been developing high-end cameras, making them one of the oldest producers of cameras and lenses in the world, with over a century of experience in the design and manufacturing on top quality photography equipment. In addition, they still offer other lens-related equipment such as binoculars and rifle scopes.


  • Exceptionally high quality products, with over a century of experience in the design and manufacturing of lenses.
  • Medium-sized business.

Points of Improvement

  • It can be hard to find an online retailer for most countries. Even though many certified distributors exist, it can be challenging to find them.
  • Even though most of their products are to a large degree manufactured in free countries like Portugal and Germany, they're not very open or clear about the origin of their products.


  • Very expensive products.
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