Leica: photography lenses

$ 2400.00
- 14400.00
Origin: Europe, Germany, Portugal

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Leica has been making photographic lenses for about a century now and lenses in general for over 150 years, giving testament to their outstanding quality and consistency. As we're not photography experts and the cost of their lenses is significant, we won't go into much detail. Be sure to research their products for yourself and determine whether they suit your needs. However, from what we hear, Leica seems to offer some of the best cameras in the world.

If they are a bit outside your budget, don't hesitate to look at pre-owned models as they're often still of excellent quality.


The origin of any of the raw materials is currently unknown.

Most of the machining of the lenses, such the production of the casing, is done in Portugal, after which the parts are shipped to Germany where the lenses themselves are made and assembled with the imported parts [1].

Recently Leica has introduced a line of slightly cheaper lenses for the US market made almost entirely in Portugal. They are clearly identified on the US store as "lens name (Portugal)". It's imported to note that the plant in Portugal has been operational for decades, so the quality is presumably still pretty high.


Australia, Austria, China (PRC), Francs, Germany, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, South Korea, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, UK, USA:

For these countries, Leica official online stores, most of which offer free shipping for lenses.

We link directly to the USA and UK store. If you want to visit one of the other shops, go to the UK store, scroll down to the bottom and select your store of choice.

If there isn't an online store for your country, you can try using their physical store locator or try to find a local distributor.

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Product Features

  • Outstanding quality
  • Wide range
  • Lenses fit consistently over many generations of new Leica camera models
  • Up to 64 MP resolution
  • Auto focus and manual focus available
  • One-year product limited warranty
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