JVC: HA-EB75 earbuds

$ 10.00
- 15.00
Origin: Asia, Philippines

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These are great if you are looking for budget earbuds to wear while exercising. They offer decent sound and sit come with an adjustable clip to secure them to your ears. While they are by no means completely manufactured in free countries, they are one of few earbuds we have found that are at least assembled outside of countries like China or Vietnam.


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Designed in Japan.

Assembled in the Philippines. The origin of the components is currently unknown, so we assume they are most likely sourced from China (PRC).


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Product Features

  • 3 pairs of secure-fitting silicone earbuds (small, medium, large)
  • Adjustable clip
  • Sweat proof IPX2
  • Allows ambient sound (so you can oncoming cars for example)
  • Available in multiple colors
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