JVC is a Japanese multinational brand which mainly manufactures electronics and belongs to the company JVCKenwood. Although JVC offers different product selections in different regions, when it comes to consumer electronics, they mainly focus on audio equipment, camera’s and projectors. the JVCkenwood company has some 20 000 employees world wide and does some 2,5 billion USD in yearly revenue.

As JVC seems to have manufacturing facilities and partners all over the world, we can’t really give you an accurate description as to where JVC products you buy are generally manufactured. Like many technology companies, they are unfortunately not very transparent when it comes to their production chains.

Points of Improvement

Being such an enormous corporation it's almost impossible to give you a good overview of its practices. However, we do advice you to always check JVC products, because although most of them are designed in Japan and of good quality, they are also often manufactured and assembled in countries with a questionable reputation for civil liberties at best. They are by no means unique in this aspect however, most technology companies manufacture their products, or at least its components, in these countries.

If you want are interested in finding out more about JVC, we can recommend their sustainability reports:


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