Harvest & Mill: men’s T-shirts

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Origin: America, USA

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The men's t-shirt collection form Harvest & Mill consists of both long- and short sleeve t-shirts made from organic cotton grown in the USA. Knit with natural extra stretch, especially around the shoulders, they ensure ease of movement. The shirts either come in their natural white or dyed using non-toxic dyes. Harvest & Mill further try to reduce their impact on the environment by working towards short supply chains and offsetting* the carbon emissions of their entire operation, from manufacturing to shipping and studio emissions. All of this results in making them one of the most environmentally friendly apparel brands available today.

Aside from their standard collection, they also collaborate with artists that make artisanal dyes to bring limited edition t-shirts to the market in different colors. Harvest & Mill offers a similar range of T-shirts for women, which you can find here.


Available sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL (size chart available)
Available colors: black, white, indigo + other limited edition colors


*While we appreciate every effort to reduce impact on the environment, we feel obligated to mention that most current forms of carbon offsets don't directly offset the emitted CO2. Instead, we recommend you view them as sponsorships for causes beneficial to the environment.


Organic cotton farmed, spun, knit and dyed in the USA.

The shirts are designed, cut and sewn in California, USA.



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USPS Mail: $25.00


Harvest & Mill

Product Features

  • 100% Organic cotton grown in the USA.
  • Undyed or dyed using non-toxic, low-impact fiber reactive dyes.
  • 30 singles soft cotton jersey.
  • Carbon neutral product.*
  • Product origin readily available on the product page.
  • Available in packs for a discount.
  • Free returns/exchanges (shipping costs refunded under conditions).
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