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Harvest and Mill is a small fashion brand established in California, USA in 2012. They focus on environmentally responsible clothing that’s made 100% in the USA. By only using organic cotton they can trace back to the American farm it was grown and either dyed using non-toxic dyes or no dyes at all, Harvest & Mill wants to deliver products that are both gentle on the environment as well as your skin. On top of that, their entire supply chain is located within the USA. This includes not only the growing and milling of the cotton, but also sewing and dyeing of the garments.


  • Short supply chains, 100% in the USA.
  • The entire collection is made out of organic, traceable cotton that's either dyed using non-toxic dyes or no dyes at all.
  • They offset the carbon emissions of their entire operation, from manufacturing to shipping and studio emissions.
  • Small business.
  • They offer discounts for packs.
  • Free returns/exchanges (shipping costs refunded under conditions).

Points of Improvement

  • They currently offer a fairly limited collection.
  • International shipping can get quite expensive.

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