Freifrau: coffee tables

$ 300.00
- 700.00
Origin: Europe, Germany

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A range of high-end coffee tables in wire frames. They available in small, large and medium sized versions in carious colors.

Freifrau furniture is quite expensive, so it's generally more suited for those with a larger budget and who want to go for a high-end look. They are also a great option for businesses, such as high-end restaurants or hotels, who are looking for a range of furniture in a specific style. Freifrau even offers some customization options when in comes to finishing touches.


The origin of any components is currently unknown.

All coffee tables are made in Germany, however it's unknown to what degree.


To purchase directly from Freifrau, you need to contact them at through email or phone. They also offer a store locator through their website.

A big thank you goes out to Ann for referring this product to us!
Freifrau manufaktur company logo.

Freifrau Manufaktur

Product Features

  • High-end designs
  • Wire frames
  • Leather insert for indoor use
  • Protective coating for outside use
  • Offers customization options
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