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Freifrau is a new player in the world of furniture design. Founded in 2012 by carpenter Hansjörg Helwe, they have since become an established presence, working with a range of of designers to offer their current suite of high-end seating furniture and coffee tables. They’re based out of Lemgo, a small town in Westphalia, Germany where they also make most of their furniture.


  • They offer a lot of variety and customization to their products, even giving you the possibility to make furniture in a fabric of your own choosing.

Points of Improvement

  • It can be quite difficult to buy their products online. Freifrau doesn't offer a standard e-commerce option, so you either have email them or find another retailer.


  • Their furniture are quite expensive, putting it out of range for people with a smaller budget.
A big thank you goes out to Ann for referring this brand to us!
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Freifrau Manufaktur

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