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Framework Computers: laptops

$ 819.00
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Origin: Asia, Taiwan (ROC)

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The Framework laptops are built from the ground up to be repairable by their owners. Almost every component can be easily removed and replaced. This not only ensures that you don't have to throw away the laptop if one part breaks, but you can also upgrade necessary parts so you can run the latest application while not having to pay for a whole new device, eliminating e-waste in the process!

Framework makes this process as easy as possible by providing step-by-step guides, community support and scannable QR-codes on every component that can give information about it's manufacturing and how to (un)install them. All components are then easily available from their marketplace.

To add to the customizability, every Framework laptop has 4 swappable expansion card slots. These expansion cards are available on the Framework marketplace and can give extra functionality to the laptop. They include various different port types, as well as memory cards. This way you're not limited to those ports initially installed in the laptop and don't waste space on those you don't need.


But aside from is repairability, Framework has put a bunch more features in their laptops.

When it comes to privacy they have built in hardware switches that can turn off the power from the laptop's camera and microphone, making sure no one is listening or watching without your knowledge.

They're also doing their part for the environment. Framework laptops are made with 50% post-consumer recycled Aluminum housing and 30% post-consumer recycled plastic content. In addition, they provide carbon-offset shipping and offer carbon capture on their online marketplace.

You can buy their laptops both in assembled form with windows already installed or in a DIY kit. We won't go into exact specifications as Framework offers different models with varying specs which you can find on their website.


Attention: While the laptops are of good quality and user-friendly, they're still an early adopter product. So there might be a couple of small improvements still to be done and you need to at least know your way around computer hardware in order to repair them. Because they're a fairly small company, they manufacture in batches, meaning you might also have to wait a couple of months before receiving your laptop.


For their 11th gen laptops, very little is known about the origin of any components, although it can be safely assumed that most of those originated from China. Final assembly takes place in Taiwan.

For their 12th gen laptops, Framework has moved a lot of the manufacturing to Taiwan through their partner Compal. More precisely the manufacturing of their mainboard, as well as both major sub-assemblies and final assembly. So we recommend you go with this model. Keep in mind that it will still contain a fair bit of Chinese made components as well.


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Framework Computers

Product Features

  • Highly repairable and upgradable
  • Order components directly from their marketplace
  • Built-in privacy switches
  • 4 swappable expansion slots
  • Made using partly recycled Aluminum and plastic
  • Available in assembled state or DIY kit
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