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Framework computers is a relatively new player in the portable computer industry. It was founded to take on a challenge that established companies had, perhaps purposefully, avoided for years: to build a beautifully designed, repairable laptop.

It was founded by a numbers of engineers, some of which used to work for big companies like Apple and Asus. They were frustrated at the current state of the electronics industry which is currently causing a huge amount of unnecessary e-waste. That’s because many devices are built in such a way that, if just one part of it breaks, the whole device becomes useless because it can’t be repaired. Even if your device doesn’t break down, because of the rapid advance of technology, it often isn’t up to date anymore to run the latest applications. You might just have to upgrade a single part, but again, with everything glued and soldered in place, your only option is often to buy a whole new device.

That’s what Framework set to solve by building a laptop that’s fully repairable and upgradeable by their owner. But more than that they wanted to prove that it could be done stylishly, that it didn’t have to be bulky or ugly. Many would say they succeeded.



  • Big focus on repairability
  • Use of recycled materials where possible
  • Offers replacement parts

Points of Improvement

  • They currently only ships to a select number of North American and European countries.


  • Because it's a fairly new company, they produce their laptops in batches, meaning you might have to wait a couple of months before you receive your laptop.
A big thank you goes out to Torfolde for referring this brand to us!
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