Fox Umbrellas: umbrellas and parasols

$ 70.00
- 2500.00
Origin: Europe, United Kingdom

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This exquisite range of umbrellas and parasols are handmade in the UK by Fox Umbrellas, a company that has been making them for over 150 years. Their customers include the English and Japanese Royal families, President John F. Kennedy and even recent TV shows like "Doctor Who", “The Crown” and “Peaky Blinders”.

You can choose from a large variety of materials, colors and handles ranging from the classic hooked handle to sculpted in the shape of animal heads or the more modern straight handles. They mainly focus on the classic style of umbrella, but also offer folding umbrellas, as well as golfing- and lady's parasols.

If you're a real fanatic when it comes to umbrellas, or you want one that suits your personal style perfectly, you can even order a bespoke umbrella made to your specifications. This includes everything from the type of wood for the handle to the color of the seams. They make it easy too, just select the right options in the form on their website.

Note: just a small selection of available designs are shown here.


The origin of any of the components is currently unknown.

The umbrellas themselves are made by hand in the Surey, England. This includes the cutting, stitching and attaching of the canvas, mounting the frames on the handles, etc. From the information we have been able to gather, we would say that, at least for most of their umbrellas, they do far more than just assemble them.


Fox Umbrellas ship internationally from their own online store. Keep in mind that, since each umbrella is made to order that it might take 1-2 weeks before you receive your order (depending on how far you live from the UK).

Shipping costs:

In the UK: free
Internationally: calculated at checkout.

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Fox Umbrellas

Product Features

  • Handmade to order in the UK
  • Huge variety of designs, colors and materials
  • High quality
  • You can order a bespoke umbrella with the configuration of your choice
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