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Origin: America, USA

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Earth Animal offers a variety of treats and chews for your furry friends. While their chews and biscuits are best suited for dogs, their no-hide stix are a great snack for cats as well.

Labeling themselves the 'whole foods for pets', all their treats are made with high quality, clean label, allergen-free ingredients without any bleach, synthetics, or preservatives. They offer a large plethora of flavors and come in both meat- and plant-based variants.

Most famous among their collection are their no-hide chew toys. They set themselves apart from rawhide chew toys by being made of actual meat and other ingredients, rather than the often poorly digestible hides. Available in a large number of sizes and flavors you're sure to find one that will become your dog's favorite. Lasting up to about 45 minutes to an hour, they're not only a yummy snack, but will keep them happily chewing away for a while.

Earth Animal also offers dog food, which you can check out here.


Note: only a small selection of the available chews and treats are shown here. Check out their website to see the full collection.


Their ingredients are sourced worldwide and depend on the flavor and type of treat. However, the majority of their ingredients are sourced from within the USA. Most other ingredients are also sourced from relatively free countries.

You can check the exact origin of any ingredients on each products page or on their ingredients sourcing map.

The origin of any packaging is unknown.

Their no-hide chew toys and sticks are blended, baked and packed a small, human food processing facility in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA

The biscuits and other treats are made in Earth Animal's own craftery in Maryland, USA.


USA, Puerto Rico

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Their treats and chew toys are also available on Amazon.


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Earth Animal

Product Features

  • Chew toys, jerky, biscuits, stick-treats
  • Large variety of flavors
  • High quality meat and ingredients
  • Both meat- and plant-based variants
  • Chew-toys last for about 45 - 60 minutes depending on the dog and size of the chewtoy
  • Origin map available of all ingredients
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