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Describing themselves as the Whole Foods for pets, Earth Animal was founded in 1979 by Bob & Susan Goldstein. They focus on bringing natural, high quality food, remedies and supplements for cats and dogs to the market.

Aside fr0m their dedication towards pet health, they also focus on sustainability through the sourcing of their ingredients, avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and supporting a number of other initiatives, such as rePurpose Global and the Pet Sustainability’s Plastics Pledge.


  • Certified B Corp
  • They invest 1% of annual net sales to help create in a more sustainable future.
  • They have a map on their website where you can find the origin of all ingredients for each of their products.
  • They have a fun blog with some fun gardening tips and tricks.

Points of Improvement

  • While it's clearly indicated when a products is made in the USA and Earth Animal's transparency towards ingredients is fantastic, the origin of product not made in the USA is not openly stated.


  • Currently they only ship to the USA and Puerto Rico. Though their products are also available in the UK through other retailers.
A big thank you goes out to Dianna Huff for referring this brand to us!
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