Dog Tag Art: pet tags

$ 19.00
Origin: America, USA

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Dog Tag Art makes personalized tags for all your favorite pets. They're made out of stainless steel with a soft polymer coating on the front to reduce any noise. The back can be engraved with your contact information of their Virtual Leash URL and the front is printed with a huge range of available designs. You can even design a tag yourself! Aside from tags, they also sell Lupinepet pet collars on their store, which are made in New Hampshire, USA.

Virtual Leash is a service offered by Dog Tag Art which allows you to make an online profile, through which people can find phone numbers, google maps addresses and other details to safely get your pet back to you. It comes at a one-tim fee of $19 for the lifetime of your pet.

Available sizes:
Small: 7/8" (2.2 cm) in diameter
Large: 1.25" (3.18 cm) in diameter


The origins of any raw materials is currently unknown.

It's currently unclear where the steel cores or key rings are made, although their made in USA claim, implies at least the cores are made in the USA.

The tags are coated and printed in North Carolina, USA.


Domestic and international shipping from their store is Free (except if your order includes collars).

Their tags are also available on Amazon.

Dog Tag Art company logo.

Dog Tag Art

Product Features

  • Stainless steel core with a polymer coating
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Huge range of designs
  • Personalize design and contact details
  • Virtual Leash service available
  • Key ring included.
  • Available in 2 sizes
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