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Dog Tag Art is an American brand, under employee owned Grace Stakeholders Investments. The brand was founded in 2008 by Jack carrier and its purpose was create a way to easily find lost pets. So in concert with the dog tags they created Virtual Leash, a way to create a web-profile for your pet, the URL of which can be printed on their tags. Through this profile people can find phone numbers, addresses and other details to safely get the pet back to its owner.

The tags themselves are manufactured in North Carolina and are available in a wide range of designs. You can even make personalized designs.


  • They have a rescue and shelter Donation Program
  • They offer their Virtual Leash program to easily return lost pets
  • Enormous range of designs and possibility to design your own tags
  • They offer free worldwide shipping
  • Their website features a fun blog with pet-related articles
  • They offer wholesale options
  • Small business
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