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Origin: America, USA

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Darn Tough offers an absolutely massive range of socks in all kinds of patterns, sizes and colors. One thing that unites them all however is their fantastic quality. They're made primarily from Merino wool, a high quality material that's both warm, breathable and has natural anti-bacterial properties. This is combined with some nylon, spandex/elastane and polyester to achieve a comfortable, snug fit. This quality is backed up by their astonishing 90 days return policy and Lifetime Guarantee, where they will send you a pair of replacement socks if your old ones give up the ghost.

Their range includes everything from light no-show shocks to festive boot socks and warm ski socks ready to accompany you on the slopes.


Tip: If you're looking for socks specifically made in the USA, consider their tactical range. The wool for these socks is sourced from US suppliers to comply with the sourcing requirements for the US military.


The Merino wool is sourced primarily through RWS-certified suppliers South Africa, New Zealand, Uruguay and Argentina. With wool for their tactical range sourced from the USA.

It is currently unknown where the wool is processed into yarn.

The origin of nylon, spandex/elastane and polyester is currently unknown. While Darn Tough states that they try to source from suppliers inside the USA, no further details or statistics are given.

The socks are knitted, finished and packaged in Vermont, USA.



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Darn Tough currently doesn't ship to locations outside the USA. However, you can check out their physical store locator or try to find a local online distributor.

Darn tough Vermont company logo.

Darn Tough Vermont

Product Features

  • Huge range of sizes, colors and designs
  • Great quality and durability
  • Merino wool
  • Available in packs
  • 90 days return policy
  • Lifetime Guarantee
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