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Origin: Europe, United Kingdom

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Bridgedale has been making socks at their factory near Belfast for over a hundred years now, so it's fair to assume they're pretty good at it. Additionally some of their workers have been with them for over 40 years and have developed a real eye for the craft. They offer high quality outdoor socks in a large variety of colors and styles suitable for both men and women.

This collection is mainly designed for trekking and hiking, but also offer plenty of options if you just want some warm socks, even if you're only wearing them to work or at home. They posses a ton of features, making the perfect partner for long walks where the last thing you want are scrunched up, uncomfortable socks. These include an elasticated arch and forward flex to prevent bunching, overfoot ventilation which promotes easy moisture transportation, a Y-heel to prevent slippage, a flat toe seam and much more.


Available colors: wide range of patterns.
Available sizes: S, M, L, XL (size guide available).
Available socks heights: knee/overcalf, boot/crew, 3/4 crew, ankle, low.


Attention: the description on this page only applies to their Explorer, Hike and Trail Run collections. Their Ski Socks are made in South Africa, while their Waterproof and Liner socks are made in China (PRC).


The origin of the merino wool is currently unknown. However, as Merino wool is mostly produced in free countries and as Bridgedale requires high animal welfare standards for their suppliers, it is fairly safe to assume it's harvested responsibly.

It's currently unknown where the wool, as well as any of the other materials, is spun into yarn.

The individual yarns are spun into Bridgedale's unique blends and knitted into socks in their factory in Northern Ireland, where they are also finished.


Attention: the description on this page only applies to their Explorer, Hike and Trail Run collections. Their ski socks are made in South Africa, while their waterproof and liner socks are made in China (PRC).


United Kingdom:

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Bridgedale Outdoor Ltd.

Product Features

  • Flat toe seam
  • Overfoot Ventilation
  • T2 AntiShock Cushioning
  • Y-Heel
  • Natural Toe Spread
  • Zero Debris Cuff
  • Toe Guard
  • They allow returns of unused socks within 30-day (return shipping not included)
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