Benshot: decanters

$ 20.00
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Origin: America, USA

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Stylish decanters with a twist. These are made by BenShot, a US family-owned business, at their factory in Wisconsin and embedded with various items ranging from a bullet to a spinnable propeller. Know someone who's a gun-enthusiast, firefighter, pilot or golfer, these would make a great present. Or just enjoy a bottle that stands out, these will certainly do the trick. You can even have them customized by having a name, date or even logo laser engraved!


According to their website, practically their entire supply chain is located inside the USA (although it's not entirely clear where their partners source their raw materials from). This includes most tools they use in the manufacturing process.

You can find where they source all their various materials and equipment here. But in short: their raw glass is sourced from New Jersey and Missouri, with the bullets sourced from Pennsylvania. Packaging is sourced from Wisconsin.

The BenShot factory, where the decanters are manufactured is located in Wisconsin, USA.



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Product Features

  • Holds 750 ml
  • Customizable for $10,00
  • High-quality, heavy, and handcrafted
  • Individually packaged in a custom display box, ready for gifting
  • Handwash only!
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