Originally starting as a fun father and son project in 2015, Benshot has grown to be an actual family business. They own their own factory in rural Wisconsin, where every BenShot glass is crafted by hand, one at a time, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind; no two glasses are alike!

They are a proudly American business and when it comes to made in USA, they, as said in their own words, stick to their guns. Not only do they manufacture their glasses in Wisconsin, they source almost all their raw materials, packaging and even tools from within the USA. You can find a detailed list of all these items and their origins on their website.


  • Family owned business
  • A detailed list of the origin of any components, packaging and even tools can be found on their website
  • BenShot has already donated to more than 500 non-profit organizations throughout the United States and often donates custom-made glasses to first responders.
  • They offer returns and exchanges

Points of Improvement

  • They currently only ship to the USA, although they do have some third party resellers in different countries.
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