ASKET: men’s wool socks

$ 20.00
- 25.00
Origin: Europe, Italy

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Beautiful, ribbed, mid-length socks that hug you're feet and calves nicely. They're made from 65% fine, breathable Merino wool, with 35% polyamide for durability and nylon reinforced at the toe and heel. Excellent for keeping your feet warm in winter and cool in summer. They come either sold in individual pairs or packs of 3 pairs for a discount.


Available sizes: 39/41 EU, 42/44 EU, 45/47 EU or 7.5/9 US, 9.5/11 US, 11.5/14 US (size guide available)
Available colors: light grey, charcoal melange, dark navy, black, light brown, burgundy, dark green.


Merino wool is farmed in South America and/or South Africa. Exact origin currently unknown. The wool is then dyed, spun and twisted in Italy.

Polyamide and nylon are processed in Italy, Elastane processed in Virginia, USA.

Paper label produced in Italy.

The socks are knitted, hand-linked, washed and packed in Italy.



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Product Features

  • Ribbed for snug fit.
  • Decent selection of colors.
  • 65% breathable Merino wool, 35% polyamide.
  • Nylon-reinforced heel and toes against abrasion.
  • Product origin readily available on product page.
  • Free returns and exchanges.
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