American Trench: supima interlock t-shirts

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Origin: America, USA

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Made from premium, Supima cotton; its extra long cotton fibers makes fabrics stronger, silkier, and more resistant to pilling. The shirts are manufactured with a double knit construction with back loops knitted together and the wales alternated. With almost double the yarn, this makes the fabric thicker, denser and more stable than plain jersey. It doesn't curl at the edges, holds shape well and feels absurdly soft.


Available sizes: S,M,L,XL

Available colors: brown sugar, cameo blue, dress blue, olive, sun dried tomato, white


Note: The cut is intended to be a little fuller than a slim fit tee, so if you like tight fitting t-shirts, this one may not be for you.


The Supima cotton is grown in the USA (mainly California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas)

The shirts are manufactured in the vertically integrated ecosystem that is the garment district of Los Angeles, USA where the fabric is knit, dyed, washed, cut and ultimately sewn at small family-owned facilities, all with several miles of each other.



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Product Features

  • Made from Supima cotton, which makes for stronger and silkier fabrics
  • Interlock knit structure gives a dense, sturdy and superior feel that drapes like a dream
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