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American Trench originated during the 2008 financial crisis, when Jacob Hurwitz and David Neill decided they wanted to help bring jobs back to America. The name of the company came from the very first product they decided to launch: a trench coat. Why a trench coat? Very simple, they couldn’t find one made in America. After several years of development, they launched their first production run at the end of 2013 through Kickstarter. Since then they have grown quite a bit and currently offer a range of high-quality apparel and have partnered with other designers to offer you an even larger selection, all made in the USA.

They do take things a step further however. Not only are their products assembled in America, but practically the entire manufacturing process takes place in the USA, with some fabrics also sourced from Europe. This goes from the growing of cotton, the weaving of the fabrics and ultimately the cutting and stitching to turn it all into the garment that keeps you warm. They do all this with a dedication to transparency rarely found on the internet today. On almost every product page you will find the entire origin of the product, from the raw materials to the last stitch!


  • Very transparent about the manufacturing process
  • Small business
  • High quality products
  • Free shipping on US orders over $50
  • International shipping available
  • Returns or exchanges are possible within 30 days of purchase for domestic orders (in unwashed and unworn condition)


  • Their higher prices may make some of their products unaffordable if you have a tight budget. (Be aware however that consistently buying low quality may end up more expensive in the long run)
  • International orders can get quite expensive due to shipping and/or taxes
American Trench company logo beside the words "Made in the USA".

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