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Origin: America, USA

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The overshirt is definitely an underrated piece in a man's wardrobe. It is the perfect piece of clothing for both fall and springtime, but certainly finds its uses in the other seasons as well. Made from 100% soft, virgin wool, it's great at keeping you warm all on its own, but its design also allows layering; with its fitted silhouette giving just enough room to wear over a sweater, heavyweight crew or another button down, but not too much to make it look oversized. In short: practical, comfortable, durable, stylish and made in the USA.

Note: Some patterns might not be shown here.


The shirts are made from virgin wool (high quality wool from a sheep's first sheering). It's also deadstock wool, meaning that it has been removed from sale and so might otherwise have gone to waste. Maybe because of this, the origin of the wool is currently unknown.

The origin of the buttons is also unknown.

The shirts themselves are made by the New England Shirt Company located in Fall River, Massachusetts, USA.



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Product Features

  • Multiple fabric-patterns available
  • High quality
  • Returns & exchanges possible within 30 days of purchase for US orders
  • Spread collar
  • Two button-through flap-chest pockets
  • Shirttail hem
  • Dry clean only!
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