Wildflower Toys: felt craft shapes

$ 13.00
- 17.00
Origin: America, USA

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A large collection of pre-cut craft felt shapes in a range of different colors and shapes. Made from plain eco-felt, they're great for decorating everything from cards to hair-clips to pillows. Just mix and match them to your own desire, with most kits having over 100 or even 200 shapes, there's plenty to go around.


The eco-felt is made in the USA. The origin of its raw materials is currently unknown.

The shapes are cut in USA.


On their online shop shipping is only available within the USA and delivery is done through USPS or UPS, shipping costs calculated at checkout.

They also offer their products internationally through Etsy, although a smaller selection.

Wildflower toys company logo.

Wildflower Toys

Product Features

  • Plain eco-felt
  • Large variety of colors and themes
  • Available in large quantities
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