WASD: keycaps

$ 1.00
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Origin: Asia, Taiwan (ROC)

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Already have a keyboard, but want to give it a fresh look, or perhaps you're just looking for a single, special key? WASD offers exactly that. You can either buy one or several keys individually, but also entire sets that you can often optimize to have specific keys in the color of your choice. They not only offer the standard keys, but also a range of unique designs to give your keyboard a truly unique look.


Note: if you didn't order the original keyboard from WASD Keyboards, please be sure to check whether it uses Cherry MX switches and that the layout of the board is compatible with any sets you might buy.


According to correspondence with WASD, the keycaps are made in Taiwan (ROC), the origin of the raw materials is currently unknown.

The UV-printing is done in the USA.


They offer international shipping straight from their store:

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Product Features

  • Large variety and customization
  • Made to fit on Cherry MX switches.
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