Victoria: men’s sneakers

$ 21.00
- 76.00
Origin: Europe, Spain

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Victoria offers an extensive line of sneakers and other light footwear. With various designs from sturdy sneakers to light flats, each design is again available in a wide array of colors, giving you plenty of options to choose form. Victoria also offers a large selection of sneakers for women, both with low and ankle-height profiles.

For the most ethical choice we recommend choosing their shoes made from ecological cotton. Beside the fact that they're better for the environment, they also tend to be made in Spain with Spanish cotton.


Attention: Victoria sources footwear from both Spain and China (PRC). So be sure to check the product description, which state clearly where the shoes are made. You can also filter their shoes on whether they're made in Spain under the Characteristics filter.


Victoria isn't very clear about the origin of all of their materials. However, when the cotton for the uppers is grown in Spain, it tends to be mentioned on the product page.

The origin of practically all other components is currently unknown.

The shoes are mainly made in Spain, with a few also made China (PRC), so be sure to check the product description for their origin before you buy.


Victoria ships directly from their webshop to Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain:

Free shipping on all orders.

We link to the Spanish store, so be sure to change your location before shopping.

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Victoria Shoes

Product Features

  • Wide range of designs and colors
  • Sustainable options like recycled and organic cotton and natural rubber, especially their 'Dear World' collection
  • Origin clearly visible on the product page
  • Free shipping and 30 day returns
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