Victoria: kids’ slippers

$ 30.00
- 36.00
Origin: Europe, Spain

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Adorable kids' slippers with all kinds of cute animal motives. They feature 2 main models: one with a snug fit and velcro strap to keep feet nice and toasty, and another slip-on design with an elastic strap for a more feeling. Victoria also offers slippers for men and women.


Attention: While all kids' slippers are made in Spain, Victoria also offers shoes made in China (PRC). So be sure to check the product description for their origin before you buy, they state clearly where the shoes are made.


The origin of the raw materials and components is currently unknown. While we know that Victoria uses Spanish cotton for at least part of their collection, that probably isn't the case for these slippers.

The slippers are made in Spain.


Victoria ships directly from their webshop to Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain:

Free shipping on all orders.

We link to the Spanish store, so be sure to change your location before shopping.

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Product Features

  • Adorable designs
  • Origin clearly visible on the product page
  • Free shipping and 30 day returns
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