Ritterwerk: food slicers

$ 45.00
- 220.00
Origin: Europe, Germany

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Ritterwerk has been manufacturing hand operated slicers since the 1930's and electric ones since the 60's, so you can pretty safely assume that they know what they're doing. Especially since production was never outsourced and they still make them in their own factory. This gives the added bonus that the slicers feature a very high degree of repairability. You can simply order a replacement part from their online store and fix it yourself or send the slicer back to their factory and they will do it for you, even if it's several decades old.

The slicers come in various steel models in both electric and hand operated variants and can slice all kinds of foods including bread, meat, fruit and vegetables. They are generally easy to disassemble for cleaning and a few models are even collapsible so they fit easily into a drawer. Lastly, the electric slicers feature efficient ECO-motors that reduce energy consumption.


The origin of any raw materials is currently unknown.

According to Ritterwerk, they produce most components themselves or purchase them from suppliers in their region [1]. However, they don't give any more specifics.

The slicers are assembled and, to a large extent, made in Germany.



Delivery through DHL: $4.00 - 6.00 (depending on package size).



Ritterwerk currently doesn't ship internationally. However you can pick up your order yourself or arrange for a pick-up through a delivery service.

Alternatively you can look for a local distributor.

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Product Features

  • Company has a long tradition of making slicers
  • Electric and hand operated models
  • ECO-motors
  • Models in wide price range
  • Models for left-handers
  • Foldable models that can also come as built-in systems for your kitchen
  • High degree of durability and repairability
  • 2-year warranty
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