Ritterwerk: electric kettles

$ 160.00
Origin: Europe, Germany

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The Fontana electric kettles from Ritterwerk are perfectly suited to heat water to your desired temperature. It features a heat-resistant high-quality acrylic housing,  a 360° rotating base, a double-sided indicator to easily read the water level and, most important of all, LED indicators that show the set temperatures as you can heat the water to 70°, 80°, 95° or 100° C. For safety requirements the kettles have overheating- and boil-dry protection, as well automatic switch-off functions included.

On top of that, in case the kettle breaks, you can send it back to their factory and they will repair it for you, even if it's several decades old. Alternatively, if the damage is relatively minor, you can simply order a replacement part and do it yourself.

Because of its low energy consumption and high quality, the Fontana kettles were awarded the Blue Angel environment label.


Available colors: black, white, red.


The origin of any raw materials is currently unknown.

According to Ritterwerk, they produce most components themselves or purchase them from suppliers in their region [1]. However, they don't give any more specifics.

The kettles are assembled and, to a large extent, made in Germany.



Delivery through DHL: $4.00 - 6.00 (depending on package size).



Ritterwerk currently doesn't ship internationally. However you can pick up your order yourself or arrange for a pick-up through a delivery service.

Alternatively you can look for a local distributor.

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Product Features

  • 1,1 liter capacity
  • 360° rotating base
  • Heat-resistant acrylic housing
  • Double-sided water level indicator
  • Safety lid with lock mechanism
  • Removable lime-scale filter
  • Heating element covered with stainless steel protector plate
  • Cord storage in the base with two cord exits
  • Rubber feet to prevent slipping
  • 70°, 80°, 95° and 100° C temperature settings with LED indicator
  • Automatic switch-off when desired temperature is reached, kettle is empty or removed from base
  • Blue Angel seal
  • High degree of durability and repairability
  • 2-year warranty
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