Ritterwerk: Cafena coffee machines

$ 230.00
Origin: Europe, Germany

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These three staged coffee machines can brew up to 1 liter or 8 cups of 125 ml of filtered coffee. The top part is filled with water, which then filters down through the middle stage which is filled with grounds (and can be easily rotated outwards for easy refilling and cleaning). Finally the coffee is collected in the bottom stage, which is an elegant thermal serving jug, equipped with a shatter-proof stainless steel vacuum cylinder.

The coffee makers also has a ton of eco-features: the integrated boiler is located right underneath the water tank reducing temperature losses, noise and steam; the machine switches off automatically right after the brewing process and can be left in standby mode at 0 Watt, which saves energy.

Additionally, with its automatic stop function the Cafena will stop the brewing process as soon as the machine no longer works efficiently due to calcification or if there is a risk of damage to the heating element. On top of that you can send the coffeemaker back to their factory and they will repair it for you, even if it's several decades old. Alternatively, if the damage is relatively minor, you can simply order a replacement part and do it yourself.

Due to their low energy consumption, user-friendliness and safety requirements, the Cafena coffee makers bear the Blue Angel seal.


Available colors: black, white, red.


The origin of any raw materials is currently unknown.

According to Ritterwerk, they produce most components themselves or purchase them from suppliers in their region [1]. However, they don't give any more specifics.

The coffee makers are assembled and, to a large extent, made in Germany.



Delivery through DHL: $4.00 - 6.00 (depending on package size).



Ritterwerk currently doesn't ship internationally. However you can pick up your order yourself or arrange for a pick-up through a delivery service.

Alternatively you can look for a local distributor.

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Product Features

  • Up to 1 liter or 8 cups of 125 ml of filtered coffee
  • Rotatable middle stage for filling and cleaning
  • Thermal serving jug
  • Eco-brewing process
  • Automatic stop function
  • Blue Angel seal
  • High degree of durability and repairability
  • 2-year warranty
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