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Origin: Europe, Italy

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A selection of optical eyeglasses consisting of several designs. They come in solid plastic and wire frames, each available in a variety of colors and patterns.  The plastic frames are made from bio-acetate, which is a bio-plastic. Not only is it entirely made from organic materials, it's also bio-degradable.

The glasses come with  either prescription or non-prescription lenses included. They chose to go with glass lenses as compared to plastic ones as they are generally more durable and scratch resistant.

While standard optical lenses are included for free (prescription required), they also offer upgrades. The same goes for their leather glass cases, with some models freely included, while others come at an additional fee.

In addition, all glasses come with a cellulose cleaning cloth, frame tool kit and
recycled coffee cup packaging.



Available sizes: small, medium, large (size guide available)
Available colors: wide range of solid or transparent colors and patterns


Tip: they offer free try-ons. You can select several frames, which they will send to you so you can try them on. You then send them back, no strings attached. All shipping is paid for.


The bio-acetate for the frames is made by mazzucchelli, an Italian company that, as far as we know produce the plastics in Italy. The origin of the raw materials of which the acetate is made is currently unknown.

The origin of any metal components and their raw materials is currently unknown. This includes the metals for the wire frames and detailing on the plastic ones.

The frames are handmade in two small facilities in Italy, one for the wire frames and one for the acetate frames.

The glass lenses are made in Italy, the origin of their raw materials is currently unknown.

The leather cases are made in the Leicestershire, England. Their vegetable leather is sourced from the Tempesti tannery located in Italy. The pig suede is from GH leahers, a UK-based wholesaler, but is imported from Asia (exact origin unknown). The brass fittings are made in the United Kingdom and supplied by Abbey England.

Recycled leather cases are made in Italy from offcuts collected from local tanneries.



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Product Features

  • Plastic  and metal wire frames
  • Free glass prescription lenses included
  • Free leather case, cellulose cleaning cloth and frame tool kit included
  • Upgrades available for both lenses and cases
  • Monc offers repair services
  • Free try-on service
  • 14-day return policy
  • 1 Year warranty
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