Hakuhodo: makeup brushes

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Origin: Asia, Japan

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An absolutely astounding selection of high quality, handmade, Japanese makeup brushes. They offer pretty much any brush shape you will ever need, from lip to concealer, eyeliner and much much more.


Brush hairs: squirrel, goat, horse, hog, synthetic, badger
Comb materials: plastic, metal

Note: the pictures on this page only show a tiny selection of their product range.


The origin hairs is mainly Europe and Asia, but most details are unknown.

The origin of other components such as the handles is currently unknown.

The origin of any cases or bags included in sets is currently unknown.

The the actual brushes are handmade from the various hairs in Japan and then assembled with the other components.


Important: Although it says on their website that all brushes are made in Japan, any further information is very limited. This means we can't guarantee the origin of other accessories such as combs. We advise you treat most products as "assembled in Japan".



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Product Features

  • Enormous variety
  • High quality
  • Materials adhere to Japan's Welfare and Management of Animals Act
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