Ducky: mechanical keyboards

$ 99.00
- 170.00
Origin: Asia, Taiwan (ROC)

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Excellent quality mechanical keyboards in an enormous variety of models and beautifully designed keys. It's difficult to give a good overview of the features of the keyboards, as there is such a great variety of designs. They offer boards with or without back-lighting, number-pads, sideprint, etc. But they all have several things in common: they are mechanical keyboards, meaning they provide a nice tactile feel and pleasant sound when typing; they offer 3 different tilt angles and connect to your computer with a USB-cable; you can easily switch out your keycaps with different designs; and last but not least, they are of excellent quality.

So while you can just buy a Ducky keyboard and use it as is; if you're a keyboard enthusiast and like to switch up the look of your board once in a while or go nuts for quality, these ones will certainly satisfy you.


Ducky seems to mainly use Cherry switches, which are made in Germany.

The origin of any other components and accessories (cables, etc) is currently unknown.

The keyboards are assembled in Taiwan. It's currently unclear how much of the production happens there.


Unfortunately Ducky doesn't sell straight from their website, so you will have to find a distributor for your country/region. Luckily Ducky lists any distributors on their website and we link to that page, so you can find them easily.

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Product Features

  • German Cherry switches
  • Enormous variety
  • High quality
  • You can easily swap out your key-caps
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