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The Technopark by Ameli Zurich is their take on a tech organizer. The interior includes one large zip pocket, two smaller elastic straps pockets and six elastic loops that help you keep your chargers, headphones and adapters in neat and organized. The exterior is made from fine Italian leather, features a gold plated zipper and is embossed with either a plain or gold Ameli Zurich logo, giving the organizers a high-end, sophisticated look.

The Technoparks are made mostly from the leftover leathers used in the construction of the Ameli Zurich bags, so nothing goes to waste.


Dimensions: 17.0 x 24.0 x 3.0 cm (6.69" x 9.45" x 1.18").
Available colors: black, brown, dark green, greige, maroon red.


The card holders are designed in Switzerland.

The leather and metal hardware are sourced from Italy. However, the origin of any of their raw materials is unknown. Still, we can safely assume that the hides for the leather are sourced from Europe.

The origin of the ling, elastics and pockets is currently unknown.

The holders are handcrafted in a small family business in Northern Italy.


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Ameli Zurich company logo.

Ameli Zurich

Product Features

  • Fine Italianleather
  • One large zip pocket
  • Two smaller elastic straps pockets
  • Six elastic loops
  • Gold plated zippers
  • Gold or plain Ameli Zurich logo
  • Complimentary repair service
  • 14-day return policy
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