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ZSA Technology Labs is a Canadian company that aims to change the way we design and use keyboards. Their unique ergonomic designs, focus on open source firmware and exceptional repairability set them apart from many other companies in the industry.

Their first design, the ErgoDox EZ, was first introduced through a successful crowd-funding campaign in 2015 and has been improved and sold for several years now. They also introduced 2 other designs as well.


  • Their keyboards are assembled in a Taiwanese office with excellent working conditions. Not a sweatshop or crowded factory.
  • The firmware for their keyboards is opensource, so you can customize the layout and functions of your keyboard however you wish.
  • They focus on making sure their keyboards are of high quality and easy to repair, so there's not need to throw out an entire keyboard if one key stops functioning. In fact, some simple issues you can probably fix at home with barely any knowledge of electronics. You can even order practically any spare part of every single one of their keyboards individually.
  • They offer international shipping straight from their store.


  • For some the price point for their keyboards may be a little too high if you don't care about some of the features, but just want a simple keyboard.
A big thank you goes out to Bioemerl for referring this brand to us!
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