This iconic Swiss company was founded in 1884 in Ibach-Schwyz. Still largely family-owned till this day, it manufactures most of its products in that very same region. Their watches, cutlery, fragrances and their famous Swiss army knives are manufactured in Switzerland, with only their travel gear manufactured abroad. Whoever has owned one of their products can no doubt testify to its quality. But there is much more to this company than their Swiss excellence.

Just like its knives this company is made to last. Because its largely family owned, a large portion of its profits is set aside to prepare for a rainy day and invest further into the company. Those investments are in large part used to make the company more sustainable and that seems to be working. From recycling their industrial waste to re-purposing excess heat from their manufacturing process, sourcing their raw materials locally and much more. The numbers they have achieved really are impressive. What’s almost more impressive is the care they take when it comes to their employees. Victorinox currently has an employee turnover of less than two percent! If that doesn’t tell you much; the average turnover in, for example, the USA is around 20%. And more than that, their employees are more productive than the Swiss national averages as well, largely due to efforts to keep their workers healthy and happy. All this goes to show that, when you buy a Swiss-made product from Victorinox, you’re not only buying quality, but also supporting a company that takes pride in doing things right.


  • Very high quality products
  • Family-owned company
  • Great attention is paid to sustainability and the environment


  • On their website they don't make it clear where products are made.
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