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The Brown Manufacturing Company was founded in 1925 in Virginia, USA. It has been specializing in making wall-mounted bottle openers for almost a hundred years now. While the company changed hands a number of times since then, it is still located in the USA, more specifically just outside of Atlanta Georgia. This is where they put the finishing touches (printing, engraving, etc.) on the plain bottle openers they source from elsewhere. In the past they have produced some iconic bottle openers, some of which are seen as collectibles and have price-tags of up to several hundred dollars.

While they finish their bottle-caps in the USA, they do not cast them there anymore. Currently, their openers are cast in Germany, except for those made from stainless steel, which are cast in China (and so not listed on this website). If you’re willing to spend some more on a vintage opener though, all their openers cast before 2006 are cast in either the USA or Germany.


  • You can easily design a bottle opener to your liking. They allow you to enter text or even upload an image, which they will then engrave into the opener.
  • They offer bulk discounts

Points of Improvement

  • While they do tell you in their FAQ-section where their openers are made, that isn't always clear on each product page, so it might be difficult to know for sure where the opener was cast.
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Brown Mfg. Company

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