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Located in Maine, USA, Rogue Industries is a small, family-owned company that produces leather goods in a sustainable fashion. They manufacture wallets, bags and several other items. All their leathers are responsibly sourced from free range American bison & alligator, Canadian moose and Icelandic salmon; with all suppliers receiving top scores from Amfori, indicating their commitment to environmental practices, fair labor standards and fair wages. When it comes to their manufacturing process; 82% of the energy used in their workshop and offices is provided by solar. Last but not least, they are committed to helping causes they believe in; with at least one being from their home state of Maine ( All in all, we agree with their saying: your wallet isn’t just a wallet – it’s also a force for good.

Apart from their own products, they offer several imported items on their website as well. We checked with them and they told us they are made in India. They are easily identifiable though as in every product description you will find that they are either “Made in Maine”, “Made in U.S.A.” or “Imported”. In addition, from the home menu, you can select the “Made in Maine” page, which will show all products manufactured in their own workshop.


  • Easy to spot which products originate from the USA
  • Unique, sustainably sourced leathers
  • 2 year guarantee, these wallets should last you a long time
  • You can have your initials stamped into the leather
  • Family-owned

Points of Improvement

  • Currently, any products not made in the USA are just labeled as "Imported" on their product pages. It would be nice if the origin of the products was stated.
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