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Co-founded by Claire Hudson and Marie Clare in 2017, Oso & me is a children apparel brand, based in San Francisco, California. Born out of personal experience with the short lifespan of  kids clothes, they set out to solve that problem. They wanted to create a line of clothing that had three properties: they have to be functional, they have to last long and they have to be appealing to both the parents and the children. Through thoughtful design and careful selection of fabrics and manufacturers, they have done exactly that. Many  of their clothes are designed to grow with your child, while their supreme quality ensures they actually last long enough to do so. Their pants, for example, can be worn in 3 stages, from cuffed to cropped, and their dresses can be worn as tunics later on.

These properties also help to make the apparel more sustainable, which is something they strive for. Not only by making the product durable, but also by focusing on timeless designs, allowing the clothes to be handed down multiple times. In addition, they attempt to limit both their carbon footprint and potential waste during the manufacturing process by making supply chains as short as possible and limiting the amount of packaging used during transportation.

Lat but certainly not least, they list the origin of every garment on its products page. Something we greatly appreciate!


  • Small business
  • Long lasting materials
  • Growable features
  • Origin of each product listed on its product page
  • Returns are possible within 14 days of receipt
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