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Organic Basics is a Danish clothing brand founded in 2015. Putting sustainability at the center of their company, they focus heavily on the environmental and social impact in every step of the manufacturing process. Their clothes are designed to be durable and functional, so they have a long lifespan and are resistant to trends that can quickly make the garment obsolete. Any fabrics used are carefully selected to have a low environmental impact and as such, a lot of them are composed of organic or recycled materials.

Currently Organic Basics, like most fashion brands, does not operate any factories themselves, but partner with existing factories to produce their designs. When it comes to selecting those partners they mainly look for two qualities: good environmental practices and working conditions. But don’t take our word for it; Organic Basics actually lists all their partner factories on their website, informing you of its location and practices. Additionally, every garment has its origins listed on their product page, making shopping to your preferences very straightforward. But to give you a general idea: all of their factories are located in Europe, more specifically: Portugal, Italy, Scotland, Austria and Turkey. Naturally, due to our focus on liberty, we don’t list products entirely made in Turkey. However, if you don’t mind those, you can shop their entire selection completely worry-free!


  • You can find the origin of every product under its "Material & care" section
  • You can find a detailed list of all their production partners under the "sustainable practices"-page
  • Great attention is paid to the product's sustainability throughout the entire manufacturing process
  • You can save money when buying in packs
  • Offers Carbon-neutral shipping
  • Returns are possible within 30 days (this is free if you want to exchange the item or get store credit; if you want a refund you pay return shipping)

Points of Improvement

  • You can already see the origin of each product, we would love it if you could see the origins of its fabrics on the product page as well.


  • If you want to return an item for a refund, you have to pay return shipping. If you live far from Denmark, this can get expensive (we recommend getting store credit instead, you should be able to find something you like).
A big thank you goes out to Ann for referring this brand to us!
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