Monbento was founded in 2009 by designer Fabien Marret and Emilie Creuzieux, launching their first product, the MB Original lunchbox, in 2010. Since then they have expanded their line of products quite extensively to include a wide array of lunchboxes, bottles, cutlery sets and more. Their various accessories complement their lunchboxes well in that they are designed to fit perfectly inside all boxes, so you can separate any ingredients you don’t want to get mixed up.

While most of their manufacturing is done in China, they have a selected range of products made in France, primarily for the western market. They have also expressed interest in expanding their manufacturing in France.


  • You can easily recognize which products are made in France, by the "made in France" logo on the product page.
  • You can buy spare parts individually, so if a part breaks or gets lost, you can replace it without having to buy a whole new box.
A big thank you goes out to Ann for referring this brand to us!
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