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Milton and Goose is an American toy company founded in 2017 by Shari Raymond. Her first product was a wooden play kitchen she designed for her own children. After being rejected by most manufacturers she contacted, she found an Amish woodworker in Pennsylvania who was willing to build her design.

The company grew slowly during the first few years, until the corona pandemic hit, during which demand exploded. They outgrow their supplier and in 2021 set up their own manufacturing facility in Monroe, Connecticut where they know make a lot of their toys as well. However, they also partnered with some other manufacturing partners located in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Texas.

They also expanded their product line to include play food, linens and wooden furniture.


  • Heirloom quality products with non-toxic finishes
  • Milton & Goose offers to repair products when they get damaged through use
  • Offers their products wholesale
  • Small, family-owned business

Points of Improvement

  • They currently only ship to the USA and Canada
A big thank you goes out to Cara Montoya for referring this brand to us!
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