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Masa Organic is a relatively small, Latvian-Dutch company that was founded in 2018 and has a passion for everything silk and sustainable. They offer a small range of products mainly made of organic “peace” silk, which differentiates itself from other organic silk in the way it’s harvested, without killing the silkworms, allowing millions of butterflies to live. The silks themselves are dyed without chemicals to limit any impact on the environment.

Their dedication to responsible sourcing doesn’t stop there however. Most of their other components are sourced in Europe,  and the silk products themselves are made in Europe as well. No sweatshops in sight.


  • Great attention is paid to the sustainability of any materials used.
  • The origin of most of the materials used is available under the "Ethics"-page
  • They 14 day return policy, with free return shipping if you ship with DHL.

Points of Improvement

  • They're already more transparent than 90% of similar brand, but that doesn't really show on the product pages. It would be great to see the origin of the product and its components on the product page like you can see them under the ethics page.
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